Marisa Chib

Miami, Florida

Marisa Chib
Miami, Florida

I've been feeling stressed lately - the usual anxiety over academics, internships, fellowships, filmmaking, writing, art exhibitions, and upcoming deadlines. Magazine features. Photoshoots. Training a puppy. Training for a half marathon.

I'm stretched thin.

So this weekend I flew home to visit my family and we decided a small staycation at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami was in order.


Mornings were spent journaling at sunrise or doing yoga in the rose garden, while afternoons were reserved for the golf course. My sister and I ended every evening by the pool, before ordering room service, throwing on the softest robes we could find, and curling up with Hitchcock and Cabernet Sauvignon.


As I began to unwind, I found that what I enjoyed the most wasn't a break from my life - which I love - but rather a break from my constant cycle of perfectionism and worry. I realized that when I stopped being afraid of what could go wrong and started imagining what could go right, a world of infinite possibilities opened up. In that moment, I vowed to make a change. So,

I am waving a white flag.

I am ending a war I declared on myself.